Case Study: User Identified fit selection

Stepping into a recommendation process

In-store display with selection app that guides the user to the right orthotic insert based on their answers and the sensor feedback.


Make the fitting process of an orthotic something that could be user guided and not require specialized assistance from store employees. Additionally, provide education to curious shoppers who may not know the benefits of orthotic inserts.

User Flow/Wireflows

This flow would allow the user to prefill some of the important demographic (Gender, normal shoe size) into the algorithm. This allowed us to simplify the sensors needed in the base.

From here the display would show the appropriate color coded choice and allow the user to select the insert that matched the information they provided.

Insights from usability testing

Specific Visuals

Early versions of this flow would only show a single “generic” box. When tested in person with actual users, we found that they thought that particular box was the exact fit they needed. This meant we had a high margin of incorrect product selection.

This lead to a redesign of the results screen (and logic to show it) in order to remove this confusion.

Order of Operations

Additionally, early testing showed that the audience was eager to get started and would often trigger the measurement footpad too soon and miss the information it would provide (which was vital in completing the user input into the algorithim).

We had to add additional instructional timing, logic and instruction to begin the measurement in a prescribed order.

Final results

This effort was critical in helping Orthera reach additional underserved markets and distribution partners. This led to a hand held device as well, which was even easier to deploy.