Logo Design

My logo design process is easy to understand.
There’s no hocus-pocus or pre-formulated templates, just honest collaboration on your project.

Want to see some examples? Just click here.

First, we have a conversation about what you are trying to do.
Is your business a new start-up or at a milestone that needs to include more divisions or services? Do you need more flexibility in what you are communicating or how you are communicating it? Has your business model changed? Do you want to highlight a number of years in service?


Then, I create some sketches… yep, the old-fashioned way.
There is no replacement for simply scratching up some paper while capturing some ideas. As much as there digital tablets… and a lot of templates out there… there is something honest and truthful in a line created by a pencil or pen.

Next, we get together and see where we are.
The conversation continues… we review the ideas together against the answers we figured out at the start. The visual representation of that answer maybe right in front of us, or we may need to start over completely. In the many logos I have designed… we are usually are at least halfway at this point. A strong direction (or blend of directions) emerges as the path for us to refine.

From there, I return to the computer and refine.
Using the most up-to-date applications from Adobe, I digitize the ideas we discuss and begin the process of refinement. It may be a nip here, a tuck there, combining them with type as appropriate. I still work in black and white at this point. The reason is that color can be too distracting to getting to the final answer.

And then we meet again and look at where we have gone.
The refinements at this point should be getting pretty close to final. We should be able to see what the logo will look like (at least in one-color) and are ready to move on with assigning a color pallet.


Color is determined, not guessed.
I use the PantoneĀ® Matching System to assign the correct color to the design we have selected. This assures you of consistent color application for your mark. In turn, this allows branding to stay on message and appear as professional as possible. I can be as descriptive as your project needs… uncoated or coated stock, Process or Spot.


Final Deliverables.
As part of the beginning questions, I ask where we are going to use the logo. That helps us determine the appropriate file formats, sizes, and resolutions that will allow you and your team success in future marketing communications.