Refining Design Processes, Pt. 2

Part Two | Go Linear

The project management software used in our organization is Azure Development Ops. We had previously used Jira as our way to implement agile development practices.

This next chart was to align what we needed to do on the design team with what was being controlled by the implementation team in the fulfillment of the product team’s request.

The two main colors here (Blue and Green) were reflective of our design process. When a design ticket was in the blue state, it was still being refined or revised until it was considered accepted by the implementation team. Once “the ask” was clear (specifications were described and captured accurately) the final redlines and assets could be shared with the implementation team.

This was to allow the collaboration of the three teams involved.
Design would get this ask from the product team, and worked on making it visual to illustrate the acceptance criteria. The implementation team (Dev) would begin implementing if all of the flows, behaviors and assets were clearly defined by the design team. This is then what the Product team would be able to use as a guide to see if the work was implemented correctly.

Continued in Part 3