Refining Design Processes, Pt. 3

Part Three | Collaborating with Figma

Our design team transitioned away from two design tools in favor of a single platform. Figma.

We had been using both Adobe Xd to create and share prototypes. And also Zeplin to publish static screens for documentation.

Both of these tools are excellent, but like all tools… they are only as good as the techniques used in their employ.

Our thought was that with the collaborative nature of Figma (at that time ahead of Xd in this respect.) we could help close the gap between design intent and implementation reality.

The challenge remained that we needed a way to onboard developers and other stakeholders (Product, Project and QA) into Figma.

I developed a presentation to highlight the key features of Figma we were using as well as how to navigate through a Figma file.

A quick overview at the beginning allowed recipients of the presentation to understand the role of Figma in their process as well.

This was a very introductory document, so it even covered how to access (or sign up for) a Figma account.

Figma sign-up process

From there, I outlined how they could interact with the Figma file and where to find important information (or visual representation of design specifications) within the file.

How to navigate the work within the Pages at left.
How to use versioning in the Figma file

PDF version available for download