I started Studio Wilke, Inc. 10 years ago to provide the best possible services to new and growing businesses.
With over 17 years experience in marketing and graphic design, I feel qualified to be “an agent” for my clients without the added expense of actually being an agency (or charging agency prices). I keep my services dedicated and streamlined to the ones that return the most ROI. Having developed strategic partnerships with photographers, printers, and online marketers, I have the right connections to provide the best quality work.

Where there’s Studio Wilke, there’s a way
The funny thing is that more than one client has said exactly that as well. I am very proud not only of the expertise I bring to each new project, and the awards won along the way… but also the testimonials earned. There are a few listed on this site, they speak for themselves. With deadlines looming, or budgets squeezed, we still will find a way to deliver!

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