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Empathy Map

Process and benefits We put together an empathy map for our persona stand-in: Brenda, the Dental Office Manager. She was interested in recruiting new talent, but that is never one-dimensional. Walking through the video we observed, we populated the empathy map with the things she says, thinks, does, and feels. To see a larger version, […]


Platform Style Guide

Our company was interested in gaining consistency in the multitude of applications that are shipped with the hardware that we sell. Some applications are developed internally by our experience team. And some applications are designed by other internal teams. A third situation is also common, that of a white-labeled version of an application from a […]


Refining Design Processes, Pt. 1

Part One | Start with a circle Our design team was expanding and we needed to solidify how we could work consistently around the organization (and around the world). First, I wanted to communicate how the design process can mesh with other internal processes. This was not to cover the entire universe of processes… both […]