User Journey

This was a way to communicate a new way of organizing an application’s functionality from the user’s perspective.

This is not strictly speaking a “User Journey Map”… although it does walk through an experience. It is more closely aligned to the definition of an Experience Map or Customer Journey.

Note: This has been adapted to fit this site, the original presentation was given to executives via powerpoint.

Problem Statement:

New functionality is brought into the “hub” application as a module or section. We see the addition of features as inserting applications that used to be stand alone experiences as being hosted in the hub application. The user does not want segregated tools, but a unified, flexible experience.


Allow our stakeholders (Product team, Executive Sponsors, Implementation teams) to see the experience through the eyes of a representative persona… Rebecca.

Rebecca is a new photographer with a growing client base. She expects the best from her equipment and is willing to spend a little more in order to make sure she has the best to work with.

Her day… her plan

Today, she needs to scout locations for a portrait shoot she has coming up.

Her plan is to take some sample shots at a few locations, put them through her editing suite, and get them ready to share.

She has to hurry, the video conference is at 3.

Not to plan…

Even though she ordered ahead, Starbucks got her order wrong
…It’s an americano with an extra shot.

The first location she wanted to shoot was closed.

So, she focuses on getting the most out of the last two locations.

Just after putting her camera away, she decides to meet a friend for lunch.

Back at the studio…

She feels the need to make up for some lost time.

Her call is coming up fast, and she needs to focus.

“Ready Select” will allow her to set up the remaining time to be as productive as possible with a simple click.

She points her mouse towards the app and gets to work.

Beginning with her ID

She selects the login from the top right corner

This allows the local device to know about all of her other work (and play) devices and applications that co-operate.

Putting it into motion

Next, navigating to the Ready Select area, she chooses the Creative Concentration mode and begins her work.

The pace quickens

Her selection activates a series of performance changes.

Spotify is launched in the background, ready to motivate.

Linked speakers, across the room,

beep to life.

QuickDrop is launched, ready to bring in the new shots.

Her wifi settings are double-checked.

Her OS switches to dark mode (better for editing), and mutes notifications.

Ahead of time

Rebecca finishes her last image and mouses down to the taskband.

From the pop-up menu she selects Conference Clarity mode.

Her machine launches Zoom, and adjusts audio controls, activating her mike on mute.

The lights adjust and her notifications stay routed to the action center, for now.

Celebrating the win

After the client applauds her quick work, Rebecca breathes a sign of relief and decides a movie would be a great way to relax.

In Ready Select area, she double checks her settings for Media Mode

Making sure Netflix launches this time and her lighting and displays are exactly the way she wants, she clicks ”save” to attach them to her profile.

Always the multi-tasker, she tidies up her space a little, and then unwinds on the couch.