Website Design

Working with me to create your site is really quite easy.

First, we will determine the functionality that you are looking for in your site:

  • Is it going to simply tell your target audience who you are?
  • Does it need to convert them to your service or establish your company as a potential partner?
  • Are you looking to sell items or services directly from your site?
  • Do you need to process credit cards, or other forms of payment?

Often times this comes down to a single question: What do you want a visitor to do?

If we have this information, we are on a solid foundation. We can determine the best mix of features and hosting that would be a fit for your goals.

So, next we could start considering the navigation (pages) that will make up the backbone of the site.
Again this is an item that gets determined on a site by site basis. I have used several ways to to help shed light on what information is important to be part of this… and what is simply getting in the way. This is where my User Experience background helps a project like this become a slam dunk.

If we have a skeleton (the navigation) we start considering what the site could look like.
It has never been easier to both create and change the look of a site at nearly a moments notice. I have become more and more impressed with a particular application… WordPress. This application (available for free) is a great out-of-the-box format for most sites that allows not only a robust set of functionality… but also the ability to add, delete and create content on an almost instant basis. It is by far the most useful piece of Content Management Software I have ever seen or used. Is it perfect, no, but what is? It is a great compromise between immediacy, cost and flexibility. A big part of understanding our project at the beginning is to make sure we considered how our audience will access our site. If they are finding us mostly on their smartphones and tablets, we need to make sure our content (and theme) is aware of that and designed to work at those sizes.

Now to tell EVERYONE.
So when we have determined (and perhaps paid a premium for) the theme, have all of our content in place… we are ready to launch the site and begin it’s part in our overall marketing plan. That’s right… putting out a digital shingle is not merely enough. Driving traffic to the new site is a big part of the ROI (return on investment) on our initial effort. We could have the best answers in the world for our audience, but if they don’t know about them, or how to find us to get them… we aren’t helping them or us.

So yes, there is a lot to consider, but rest assured, I am here to help.

Contact me today to get started on your project and let’s build something great!