What is Studio Wilke?

Studio Wilke is the Key to better design™.

What does that mean? It means that with the decade of experience in graphic design, marketing, visual design, logo design, printing and photography… I have the key insights, experiences and skills to make the best design available to our clients.

I am a certified expert in multiple Adobe Creative Cloud applications and that means I can get to the correct design answer quicker allowing us more efficient collaboration.

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Studio Wilke gets work done.

I am dedicated to creating the most complete, clever and concise creative possible for our clients. Yes, I work in both print and online media. I am just as excited to develop a site as a logo. I am eager to meet with you and find out what you may want warmed over, started over or just turned over.

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Studio Wilke is more than a design agency.

I work with large and small startups with the same intensity you would find at any agency worth its salt. As a freelancer, I simply don’t have the traditional overhead or structure of an agency, so that allows us to partner more closely and save your team money at the same time.

Additionally, I use thumbtack.com to find clients in need of help both locally and nationally. I am proud of the reviews there and the fact I have been selected as one of the best of 2016 (our first year with Thumbtack!).

Call me and find out what a great partnership is like.