Design Thinking

Empathy in Design

Designing is understanding the challenges a user may face in, or around, their workflow.

I was tasked with helping us understand how a technology we had might be a game changer for a semi-pro or new-to-the-field creative hobbyists.

To illustrate how a user might benefit from this technology, and to show the stakeholders where this might be advantageous as we build out other features, I put together a quick couple of movies. This exercise was helpful in understanding the emotions that a user would have, creating empathy with our personas and users.

This first movie (screen captures provided here) show a favor being asked of our new designer and how they may have over promised. Going through all the usual image search techniques… frustration ensures on the part of the creative and the client.

In the second movie, I illustrated a positive result by allowing the user to be able to search by similar photos. The end result was a happy client and a much less stressful creative process.