Platform Style Guide

Our company was interested in gaining consistency in the multitude of applications that are shipped with the hardware that we sell.

Some applications are developed internally by our experience team. And some applications are designed by other internal teams. A third situation is also common, that of a white-labeled version of an application from a third party or vendor.

My team was responsible to create a unified set of guidelines that would be inclusive of the myriad of situations and teams involved. We used Adobe Xd and Zeplin to accomplish this.

In addition to creating the style guide and making sure that it aligned with corporate branding guidelines, I hosted a weekly meeting for all of the design teams to come and discuss, add and distill this knowledge.

More than specs, we talked about the relationship of the design elements.

We would use the time to validate what was being captured in the style guidelines, review any work being performed by other business units, and look to add to our collective effort.

example from the style guide.

This work has been superseded by another version, but was a great exercise in building communication and trust across many design teams.

Link to Zeplin Scene: myHP Platform Style Guide