Refining Design Processes, Pt. 1

Part One | Start with a circle

Our design team was expanding and we needed to solidify how we could work consistently around the organization (and around the world).

First, I wanted to communicate how the design process can mesh with other internal processes. This was not to cover the entire universe of processes… both internal and external, but to make them more understandable for both new team members and partners we would work with

I started with who were the players we would …well, play with.

This wheel (as I saw this as a process that would repeat) started to identify how we worked through a series of steps that would result in specific deliverables.

These set of tasks and items were in addition to other milestones and action items from other organizations. However, crucially, they began to form the “what” and “how” our internal team was going to provide value to the rest of the organization.

This flow was shared with the product ownership as well as the project management teams. This collaboration was used to illuminate our needs as a design team and elevate the role we were performing in the organization.

Continued in Part 2...